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Next End-Fire Glide Slope Certification Course Dec. 9th – Dec. 13th, 2019

Next End-Fire Glide Slope Certification Course Dec. 9th – Dec. 13th, 2019

Due to the increased interest in our End-Fire Glide Slope (EFGS) Antenna Systems, we have scheduled an additional  2019 “Manufacturer’s Certification” course for the week of Monday, December 9th, 2019 through Friday, December 13th at our manufacturing facility in Ohio.  The cost for the course is $3,500.00 per person.  This year we have expanded the course with materials to cover flight check instruction and introduction of advanced products in our revamped curriculum.  The hands-on portions of the course will be enhanced by the facility size, amenities and new staff members of Watts Antenna Company. We recommend this course for ILS Engineers, Aviation Consultants, Technical Support Personnel, Flight Inspection Personnel, Maintenance Personnel, Installation Specialists, Training Managers and Instructors alike. Check your calendars!


Upon registration and course fee payment, each participant will be sent a Model 106 End-Fire Glide Slope (EFGS) Antenna Instruction Book from which to begin study, prior to the scheduled course date.  Our Model 105 EFGS Instruction Book which contains much of the same information, will be handed out at the beginning of the course.  Both the course and the certification tests are based upon the information contained in the instruction books, so especially if you are interested in the Instructors Certification, BE SURE TO REGISTER EARLY TO GET YOUR INSTRUCTION BOOK RIGHT AWAY!


Watts Antenna Company’s Manufacturer’s End-Fire Certification is required to preserve the manufacturer’s system warranty on the End-Fire antenna system.  This ensures and certifies that an individual knows how to install and tune up our system.  We feel that this will save everyone time and money during the installation, tune up, commissioning, and maintenance of our system.  

Re-certification is required as a refresher course for holders of Watts Antenna Company’s Manufacturer’s Certification who received their certification for Model 105 and Model 106 End-Fire Glide Slope Antennas prior to January 1st, 2015.  Several new developments such as frangibility enhancements to our products and the Frangible Point Lowering Kit for refurbishment of previously installed Model 105 and Model 106 End-Fire Glide Slope Antenna Systems (FPLK-105 & 106) will be discussed.  Watts Antenna Company will also discuss our new ILS Image Glide Slope family of GP series antennas coming on-line, featuring the GP5-A1 and the GP7.

Visit our certification page for more information to help you plan for it.  Download a registration form or Register Online Now! For your convenience, here is a link to general Logistics Information (Directions, Weather, Transportation, Lodging and Local Restaurant details) for those visiting and taking the course.  We will reserve a “block” of rooms at the Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott in Athens, Ohio at a discounted rate and will send you a link to get the rate. When planning your trip, we strongly recommend that you DO NOT attempt to fly out on the day of the test because you may need extra time to complete your certification test.  It can be done but is NOT advisable.

On another matter, you may have heard that our company President, John H. Johnson Sr. gave a presentation at the 64TH ATCA Annual Conference and Exposition entitled “Increasing Airport Capacity is Easy; Overcoming the Politics of Opposition is Another Matter”.  Click on the highlighted link or the attached file to find out what it is about.

Please forward this information to all interested persons and feel free to contact us if you need more information.

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