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You can safely and efficiently solve the National Airspace (NAS) congestion problems now by implementing modern Instrument Landing System (ILS) innovations today.

Our Advanced Technology Product Line Leads the Industry by:

  • Providing Substantial Increases in Airport Capacity Relieving Airport Congestion
  • Providing Precision Guidance in Difficult Airport Environments
  • Facilitating Airport Development Growth Opportunities
  • Simplifying Air Traffic Control Operations
  • Improving Signal Quality
  • Increasing Safety
  • Reducing Aircraft Fuel Consumption
  • Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

We would have you know that this is not our first attempt to gain the attention of decision makers in Washington, D.C. to implement Advanced ILS Technology, which would solve the airport capacity and congestion problems within the U.S.  These issues have been unresolved for over three decades.  In a 1987 New York Times Article, the LEAD stated “In a move intended to reduce flight delays and increase airport capacity, the Federal Aviation Administration has lifted its five year old freeze that prevent airports from installing more electronic guidance systems the allow pilots to land in conditions of low visibility, officials said today.”  (See article below).  In 2000, we wrote to Senator John McCain (Chairman, Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation) and Jane Garvey (Administrator, FAA) as well as Manuel Vega (FAA Product Lead, Navigation and Landing Programs) to present our position and capability to make a difference within our national airspace.

Though Mr. Vega did respond, our concerns were largely ingnored.  Then again in 2008, we attempted to raise the subject with anyone who would listen, Once again, our attempts fell on deaf ears.

This brings us to the Certified Letter which you have received in the U.S. mail.  This letter is our most recent attempt to redirect the Department of Transportation, particularly the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to more earnestly consider implementing Advanced ILS Technology, for the express purpose of mitigating the airport capacity and congestion issues within our NAS.

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