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Civil Aviation AuthoritiesMinimize ILS Critical and Sensitive areas, increase the numbers of landings and take offs per hour, provide the best possible GNSS backup system available for landing aircraft, move ahead more expeditiously with satellite based navigation “gate to gate”, increase ground crews movement flexibility, increase airport infrastructure options, install Instrument Landing Systems where previously considered impossible or impractical, save time and money on ground plane construction, enhance airport operational safety, shorten landing and take off cycles, lower runway occupancy times, increase options for additional runways, increase options for additional taxiways, reduce multi-taxi congestion, reduce issues transitioning from VFR to IFR, increase your overall agency’s satisfaction, improve agency moral, reduce the likelihood of GNSS denial of service occurrences during the critical task of landing aircraft, reduce workload on ATCA, reduce confusion regarding hold short lines for pilots, protect the signal in space relied upon by pilots on both VFR and IFR days, reduce airspace congestion, reduce multi-taxi occurrences, lower carbon emissions, lower fuel consumption, lower noise volumes and litigation, reduce flight delays, increase resiliency and restore airspace efficiency from disruptions of every type to air travel, increase options to mitigate environmental issues of all types …

The one thing that the above listed benefits have in common is that a simple solution brings about them all! Our solution is key to airspace optimization, not simply a band-aid or a short term fix. Best of all… it’s available NOW! In other words… NextGEN Now!

Imagine being able to plan, design and build airport infrastructure constrained only by the limits of physical space and not by the signal behavior of any particular landing system.  Or imagine installing an ILS where you had believed it would be cost prohibitive. Imagine the efficiencies produced when aircraft and ground crews are able to move about unencumbered by ILS Critical and Sensitive Areas, pilots landing confident of uninterrupted coupled approaches and ATC managing fewer numbers of delayed surface and airborne traffic. Now, imagine reaching your long term airspace modernization goals sooner than you now believe possible.

You don’t have to imagine these things… you can achieve them… and sooner than you think! The solutions to reaching your goals are available right now from Watts Antenna Company. That’s because the one obstacle that is “bottle necking” airspace modernization, efficiency and the effectiveness of all weather precision guidance for landing aircraft at airports all over the world is the incompatibility of the wide radiating patterns of standard ILS Antennas. These standard performance antennas broadly radiate the RF signal is space so indiscriminately that they constrain movements and developments of every kind within its broad radiated pathway. And worse is that they not only limit improvements of all types inside the airport boundaries but also outside of an airports boundaries as well.

Watts Antenna Company manufactures high performance advanced ILS Antenna systems that are versatile enough to be utilized to increase airport capacity and efficiency at the world’s most congested airports or to provide a precision guidance landing system at the world’s toughest sites. We have ILS solutions for all airport environments. From mountaintops to seaside locations, we provide high performance advanced ILS solutions to be utilized as stand alone landing system solutions or to provide a smooth transition to Performance Based Navigation (PBN) with a comparable operational environment. Either way, we will significantly increase the efficiency and capabilities of every airport in which our antennas are installed!

Multi-taxi surface congestion occurrence shown at Chicago O’Hare International Airport, demonstrating a need for the increased throughput capacity our advanced antenna systems can provide. (Picture by Etienne du Plessis.)

View our 2019 ATCA Member Spotlight article in Issue 1 of the Air Traffic Control Association’s 2019 ATCA Bulletin!

While ILS transmitter and monitor technology have significantly improved over the years, ILS antenna technology worldwide has lagged well behind.  The standard ILS Antenna array has relatively the same performance and overall design as it had for the past several decades even though it is the most important subsystem in providing improvements to any airspace system. Innovations have been limited due to lack of funding and interest however, Watts Antenna Company, believing ILS had more to contribute, continued to innovate and to privately self fund Advanced ILS R&D. Today, we have a full complement of Advanced ILS Antennas capable of significantly reducing ILS Critical and Sensitive Areas while increasing airport capacity and operational safety wherever our antennas are deployed regardless of how challenging your sites may be.

Before your member airports modify their airport plans, take a look at our product offerings and our Airport Stakeholders page to find out what they may be missing if our advanced performance antennas are not considered. Examine also the benefits of the other stakeholder groups including the airport communities and other transportation departments. We believe that airports and their communities could quickly become much more efficient that they are today if they replace standard ILS Antennas our modern antenna solutions. The benefits will exceed the costs thousands of times over.

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