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Increased profitability for your airline at no cost to you!

Look at the following list of what you could be enjoyingenhanced operational safety, reduced numbers of flight delays, reduced duration of flight delays, increased throughput capacity, increased customer satisfaction, fewer flight cancellations, shortened landing and takeoff cycles, fewer FAA fines, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, reduced fuel consumption, greater flexibility for aircraft selection, reduced noise exposure, reduced hold line confusion, reduced runway occupancy times, smoother glide paths, and best of all…these benefits cost you nothing!

Demand Reliability!

It should come as no surprise to most of you that the goals of the airlines and the goals of airports and their governing aviation authorities are not identical. What you may not realize however, is how heavily many airports upon whom airlines must rely are themselves relying on aviation authorities to make decisions for them.  Many airport managers defer to the aviation authority for analysis of their needs and NAVAIDs are chosen for them without a comprehensive understanding of the loss of revenue they likely will suffer in abdicating their decisions to an entity with differing motivations and goals.  Aviation authorities often look for the least costly solution not the most profitable, efficient or capable one.

Ultimately, NAVAID selections affect the profitability of airlines and all other stakeholders as well. This is where fundamental differences in goals may not be carefully enough considered.

Isn’t it time to stop taking the blame for every airport delay and to insist that airports eliminate the primary source of them?

All stakeholders are affected by the choice of NAVAIDs made by or for each airport.  NAVAID choices affect aviation in ways that most are unaware and when poorly chosen will cause flight delays! A short sighted selection will limit growth opportunities for all stakeholders including your airline’s choices for such things as the size of aircraft and the numbers of aircraft.  As a result, the efficiency and the overall profitability of the airline is very much affected.  The placement of refueling services, safety equipment, hangers and many other amenities often are determined by NAVAID choices and can impact your bottom line. Here is why…

The typical ILS Critical Area, designed to mitigate multipath interference by limiting access to areas for aviation safety purposes, has become a nuisance to busy airports because it also constrains efficiency and development. It is well known that often the policy on VFR days is to allow encroachments of ILS Critical Areas by taxing aircraft into that otherwise restricted area for the purpose of increasing the number of flights per hour. There is a safety aspect involved when this is allowed.  We have a better method of increasing the number of flights per hour which reduces flight delays and re-establishes safety as priority one. 

We manufacture Advanced ILS Antennas that far exceed the capabilities of standard ILS Antennas including their ability to shrink the typical ILS Critical Area from the taxiway, placing it within the Runway Safety Area (RSA). Our technologically Advanced ILS Antenna systems are a new generation of wide aperture ILS Antenna systems that not only produce the world’s narrowest, highly directive RF signal-in-space with which to land aircraft, but they also steer the signal in space with greater precision than any other such systems. These highly directive and precise signal patterns reduce multi-path interference because our antennas do not illuminate aircraft on the taxiway regardless of size, even beyond the GP (glide path) tower and are directed away from areas in which current and desirable future structures and movements would cause interference.

With our Advanced ILS Antenna systems, there are far fewer concerns that an ILS will illuminate structures and limit ground movements because our new generation of Advanced ILS Antennas steer the ILS signal to where it is needed and away from where it hinders efficiency and throughput capacity. The immediate effects upon your airline from airports utilizing our Advanced ILS Antennas is increased operational safety, increased number of flights allowable per hour per runway and far fewer flight delays. Best of all…these are accomplished without any cost to you!

The importance of Navigational Aid (NAVAID) selections at airports cannot be overstated, yet too often airports allow civil aviation authorities to choose for them. The decision is most often based upon cost and not efficiency because aviation authorities, unlike most other stakeholders, are given to spend within today’s budget, not to invest for future profits!


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