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Manufacturer’s Flight Inspection Certification Course For End-Fire

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Watts Antenna Company’s Certification Course for Flight Inspection Certification Course of End-Fire Glide Slope (EFGS) Antenna Systems

We have had several groups interested in a flight inspection course specifically for our sole source End-Fire Glide Slope (EFGS) Antenna Systems.  As per their request we have developed a course curriculum that will expedite flight inspections of our EFGS Antenna Systems.  The course is given via online video conferencing and will consist of three days (eight hours per day) of interactive study with an exam given on the fourth day.  The curriculum is designed for flight check crews, pilots and panel operators, and NAVAIDS ground crews.

The End-Fire Flight Inspection Certification Course will contain familiarization with the antenna system hardware and controls, review of the antenna’s ideal radiation patterns, identification of differences of the EFGS to image antenna systems, and extensive study of recommended flight inspection patterns and procedures required to conduct a successful commissioning and/or periodic flight inspection in the fewest hours possible.

Having both the flight and ground crews certified with the EFGS Antenna Systems ensures both crews will have extensive knowledge and an understanding of what is required by the other crew in order to optimize and conduct a successful commissioning in a highly efficient manner.  We are confident this course will save you hours of valuable flight time and substantially reduce stress on air and ground crews during commissioning.

We recommend this course for installers, optimizers and maintainers of the EFGS Antenna System in addition to the required weeklong End-Fire Glide Slope (EFGS) Manufacturer Certification/Recertification Course that is designed for ground activities which gives extensive antenna and system theory as well as some familiarization with aspects required for flight inspection and commissioning.

Please contact us at 1.740.797.9380 or email if you are interested in having members of your organization participate in our upcoming EFGS Flight Inspection Certification Course.  If you prefer to print the registration form and submit, then click this link.

We maintain a current list of Watts Antenna Company Certified Professionals and the names of their organizations on our company’s website for consideration for upcoming End-Fire projects.