World Leader in Advanced ILS Antennas

Company President

John H. Johnson Sr.

John H. Johnson Sr. (left), President of Watts Antenna Company, and Jamie Barker (right), Southeast Ohio District Director for Senator Rob Portman’s office, discussing plans to roll out Watts Antenna Company’s GP series of highly directive, beam steered, advanced ILS Image Glide Slope Antennas.

John H. Johnson, Sr.

President, Watts Antenna Company


    Joined Watts Antenna Company in 1996.

·     Directs company operations, research and new product development, oversees production and testing of all End-Fire Antennas, and provides specialized customer training.

·     Evaluates sites for potential new systems.

·     Provides technical and engineering level field support for optimization, pre-flight inspection, commissioning flight inspection.

·     Considerable field experience working in complex antenna environments at over 25 airports throughout the United States.

·     Authored over 20 technical reports, acknowledged in three master’s theses and approximately 20 various reports.

·     Member of the Institute of Navigation, the Air Traffic Control Association, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association