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Increased Power & Profits For FM Broadcasting Companies

FM Broadcasters… look at the potential benefits that the commissioning of our Advanced ILS Antennas at nearby airports can afford you! Fewer restrictions on bandwidth, fewer restrictions on broadcasting  power settings, fewer restrictions on broadcasting times, larger audiences, fewer restrictions on tower height, increased profits from increased advertiser base…

Watts Antenna Company Can Help Make It Happen At No Cost To You!

FM Broadcasters have a large stake in the way in which airports develop but have their hands tied when it comes to expansion. That is because for many years FM stations have been subject to limitations of all sorts including broadcast power, tower height and location as a result of boundaries required to remain relatively free of RF interference for airport landing systems, such as Instrument Landing System (ILS), to function unhindered. Most of the Broadcast Industry in fact, considers ILS to be a hindrance to them and supports the International Aviation Community’s attempts to rely exclusively upon satellite based navigation systems to take over all aviation tasks including landing aircraft. They would prefer to remove ILS from airports completely believing and hoping the move would free FM Stations near airports to increase their reach which in turn would enhance their profit potential. Little did anyone know or could anyone predict that it would be a company that designs and manufactures Advanced ILS Antennas that would make their hopes a very real possibility.

There is plenty of room not only for FM Broadcast expansion, but for all other stakeholders to benefit significantly including the airports themselves. That is because the very thing that hinders one stakeholder in this case hinders all. Likewise, in this case, what benefits one benefits all! Let me explain it further.

While technologies such as NextGEN and GNSS have received the bulk of the international navigation community’s attention and funding over the last several decades, ILS remains the “gold standard” in all weather landing systems because of the obvious vulnerabilities of GPS by intentional or unintentional outages. Global innovations of the ILS antenna array however, the most important sub-system in providing improvements to the National Airspace System (NAS), have fallen well behind the ILS transmitter and monitor electronics.  Throughout this period, Watts Antenna Company has continued to privately fund and develop state-of-the-art ILS antennas. 

The fact that ILS remains the most utilized landing system world-wide, vindicates Watts Antenna Company’s decision to aggressively pursue Advanced ILS antenna research and development the results of which are simply stunning!

Watts Antenna Company has managed to accomplish what no others have been able to accomplish by designing and manufacturing the first Advanced ILS Glide Slope Antennas that feature asymmetric electronic beam steer capabilities. We design and manufactured Advanced ILS Antenna that radiate the world’s narrowest highly directive ILS signal beams which are directed to approaching aircraft with greater precision and accuracy than all other ILS Localizer and Glide Slope Antennas. What this means is that it is no longer necessary for activities inside and outside of airports to be constrained as they presently are because extensive modeling proves that our Antenna Systems remove the necessity of these constraints and thereby end the era of large limited use areas.


Contact your local political and transportation representatives to ask them if they are aware that Advanced ILS Antenna solutions exist that will modernize global airspace systems and benefit all stakeholders everywhere! Your own profitability is at stake!

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