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Watts Antenna Company is a Virginia corporation that designs and manufactures ground based ILS antennas to enhance operational safety  and efficiency at airports worldwide for the benefit of all stakeholders especially that of the flying public. The Company’s antennas are designed from the ground up for the Aviation Industry to provide precision guidance for landing aircraft in all weather conditions and to significantly increase airport surface efficiency and capacity wherever they are employed.

We are the sole source manufacturer of a full compliment of advanced highly directive extended aperture ILS Antenna systems.  Our antennas are engineered specifically for the precision landing of aircraft and by shaping and radiating the ILS Antenna’s signal away from areas where structures and movement would cause perturbation of the signal in space, they deliver the signal discriminately to where it is needed.  Among our newest ILS Antennas are our highly directive, wide and very wide aperture GP series ILS Image Glide Path (aka Glide Slope) Antennas featuring asymmetrically beam shaped and steered radiated antenna patterns that reduce ILS Sensitive Areas and ably remove the ILS Critical area from the taxiway, confining it to a space within the Runway Safety Area (RSA).

In support Perfomance Based Navigation (PBN) and NextGen’s program objectives, our Advanced ILS Antenna arrays make it possible to transition more speedily to
GPS/GNSS “gate to gate” by more closely matching the efficiency objectives of GPS/GNSS than of existing ILS Antennas. Additionally Advanced ILS Antennas will increasing operational safety and throughput capacity in it’s support roll for PBN and NextGen.

Multi-taxi surface congestion occurence shown at Chicago O’Hare International Airport, demonstrating a need for the increased throughput capacity that our advanced antenna systems provide. (Picture by Etienne du Plessis.)

Watts Antenna Company

                             …World Leader in Advanced ILS Antennas

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 A Virginia Corporation and the World Leader in Advanced ILS Antennas, has relocated its manufacturing operations to a larger production facility in Ohio.   In addition, Watts has added  new members to our staff.  Click here to tour our facility.


Model GP5-A1(CAT I/II/III) Directional Beam Steered Image Glide Slope Antenna Element

 Model 201 (CAT II/III) Super Wide Aperture Localizer Course Antenna

Model 105 (CAT I/II), Model 106 (CAT I), and Model 107 (CAT I) Frangible End-Fire Glide Slope Antenna System

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