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Refurbishment Kits

Get The latest Improvements For Your End-Fire Glide Slope Antenna System For Extended Service Life!

Make Your End-Fire Antenna System Even Better!

Watts Antenna Company’s Antenna systems are built to last and many of our antenna systems have remained in service for well over 30 years. As the world’s leader in Advanced ILS systems we are committed to supporting all of our products and the sites at which they are located. For this reason we offer refurbishment kits which are compatible with earlier End-Fire systems. These refurbishment kits contain significant improvements to add value and longevity to your system. Improvements such as the new FAA approved frangible point lowering kit, 304 stainless steel hardware kits, improved coatings, seals and more.

End-Fire Glide Slope (EFGS) Refurbishment Kits

Earlier End-Fire Systems were shipped with hot dipped galvanized hardware.  Our new systems are shipped with all 304 Stainless Steel mounting hardware.  We also offer the stainless steel hardware as an upgrade kit to improve the longevity of older systems.  Additionally, the current generation of fiberglass radomes, pedestals and braces are protected with three coats of a two part epoxy coating which are far superior and will last much longer than the exterior paint on older fiberglass parts.  These upgraded fiberglass components are offered as a refurbishment kit as well.

We do not support nor recommend field painting of radomes!

Our refurbishment kits are designed to improve previously installed systems so that they will continue to provide a reliable glide slope for an additional 20 years or more.  Field painted radomes hide weaknesses in fiberglass structure and can cause issues with flaking and chipping. The close proximity in which the End-Fire is placed to the runways and aircraft engine blast dictates that the radomes need to be maintained in good condition to avoid particles from being picked up by engine intakes. We offer an ARK-106 Antenna Refurbishment Kit (Complete) for our Model 106 End-Fire Glide Slope Antenna System which contains all parts necessary to replace the radomes, antenna support structures (including 304 Stainless Steel Hardware) and reflector rods for the Model 106 End-fire Glide Slope Antenna System. This kit also includes the FPLK-106 Frangible Point Lowering Kit.  We have refurbishment kits for Model 105 End-Fire systems as well.

Watts Antenna Company will continue supporting all of our antenna systems as we have for over 40 years.  We are developing new advanced antenna products as we continue to support and make improvements to our current ones.  We maintain an inventory of replacement components, spares and refurbishment kits for the systems we manufacture.