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Watts Antenna Company is a Virginia-based corporation that designs and manufactures ground based antennas for the Aviation Industry to enhance operational safety and efficiency at airports worldwide.  We continue to be the World Leader In Advanced ILS Antenna R&D for the benefit of all Aviation Stakeholder Groups, especially for that of the flying public.


What distinguishes our Advanced ILS “NowGen” Antenna arrays from all others first of all, is the highly directive manner in which signals are reliably radiated to approaching aircraft. All of our Advanced ILS Antennas produce asymmetrically shaped and steered patterns to provide safer, smoother and more precise landings at airports wherever they are installed. 


Secondly, Watts Antenna Company’s antennas are designed from the ground up to provide precision guidance for landing aircraft in all weather conditions and to significantly increase airport safety, surface efficiency and capacity wherever they are employed.  This translates into much greater profits and efficiencies for airports, airline companies and many other stakeholders. For a more complete list of the benefits to all stakeholders, click on the link below.


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