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Advantages & Benefits Of Watts Antenna Company’s Advanced ILS Antennas For Worldwide Stakeholders

Over the past 100 years, aviation has dramatically changed the economies of world.  Projected growth and demand for aviation will provide the potential for increased financial opportunities for stakeholders in every country.  Failing to implement changes when they clearly are required will keep industry  groups from capitalizing on opportunities resulting in loss of opportunities for a great number of them.

Today’s reality is that many proposed improvements for aviation modernization are delayed, over budget, vulnerable to both intentional and unintentional disruptions and have fallen short of expectations with no favorable remedy in sight.  Meanwhile, the incalculable costs of the lost opportunities to stakeholders continue as other solutions to persistent challenges that are limiting aviation modernization and growth, are largely overlooked.

We invite you to examine the extraordinary benefits of our advanced ILS Antennas and consider how that further implementation of our advanced technology will result in real financial and lifestyle benefits for a great many stakeholder groups.  

We believe that the vast majority of stakeholder groups will derive immediate benefits from the judicious implementation of our advanced ILS Antennas into the worlds airspace systems.  A comprehensive list of those benefits are given below as well as information on specific benefits for individual stakeholder groups.


Enhances Aircraft Landing Safety, Increases Construction Opportunities Within Airports Where Previously Restricted, Reduces Flight Delays, Lowers Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Produces Smoother Approach Paths, Reduces Fuel Consumption, Reduces Noise, Increased Airport Capacity, Shortens Landing & Takeoff Cycles (LTC), Reduced Airspace Congestion, Reduces Multi-taxi, Simplifies Air Traffic Control (ATC) Operations, Increases Construction Opportunities Outside Airports Where Previously Restricted, Provides Highly Directional Precision Guided Signal To Approaching Aircraft, Increases Aircraft Safety Transitioning from Visual Flight Rules (VFR) To Instrument Flight Rules (IFR), Allows For Increased Ground Crew Movements During Flight Operations Reduces Pilots Taxiway Hold-line Confusion, Increased Airport Efficiency, Increases Passenger Satisfaction, Proven Reliability, Mitigates Environmental Wetland Issues. Reduces Site Preparation Costs, Compliments GNSS Systems, Fully Functional During GPS Denial of Service Occurrences, Fully Functional In GPS Denial Of Service Environments, Available Now!





Airline Pilots – more reliable all weather ILS signals providing smoother glide path approaches to airports, enhanced precision guidance for safer landings, more predictive control of aircraft during crosswinds with ILS straight-in landing approach, increases confidence of pilots, re-affirms  ILS  as the “gold standard” of  landing systems technology, allows for more ILS landings per hour…


Airlines – fewer delays in airport departures, shorter waiting periods for take-off clearance, fewer delays in arrival times to destinations, smoother approach to airport for landing, increased precision guidance for safer landings, expanded flight services…


Traveling Public – fewer delays in departures from airports, shorter waiting periods for take-off clearance, fewer delays in arrival times to destinations, smoother approach to airport for landing, increased precision guidance for safer landings, expanded flight service…


FM Broadcasters – fewer restrictions on bandwidth, fewer restrictions on broadcasting  power settings, fewer restrictions on broadcasting times, larger audiences, increased advertiser base…


Environmentalists – reductions of aircraft greenhouse gas emissions, fuel consumption and the production of noise by reducing aircraft landing and takeoff cycles.  In addition select models are designed in such a way that they require less ground preparations and can be used to reduce disruptions of wetlands…



  • Airlines
  • Airport Designers, Planners & Architects
  • Airport Owners & Operators
  • Air Traffic Controllers
  • Aviation Authorities
  • Business Communities & Developers
  • Environmentalists
  • FM Broadcasters
  • General Public
  • Land Owners
  • Local Governments
  • Neighborhood Communities
  • Pilots
  • Port Authorities
  • Transportation Departments
  • Traveling Public