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Increased Market Values & Options For Land Use Near Airports

If you own land near an airport regardless of size, then you have a stake in what happens inside that airport. That is because the usage of your land is likely limited by the requirements of Civil Aviation Authorities and the needs of the airport nearby. Frequently, standard ILS Antennas that radiate signals to approaching aircraft, are the culprit that limits usage of your land. You may be surprised to know that for many years, Advanced ILS Antennas have existed that require far less amounts of land outside of the airport, to be held back from development for aviation purposes. This is because of the highly directive manner in which these advanced antennas radiate the signal-in-space to approaching aircraft. Therefore, you may needlessly be held back right now from utilizing your land as you wish or may be forced to allow trees to be removed from your land, because of the unwillingness of others to upgrade
standard ILS Antennas to accommodate all stakeholders. There is no reason to continue constraining use of such large areas as it is no longer necessary for aviation safety.

Watts Antenna Company has Advanced ILS Antenna solutions for airports that should allow you, as a taxpaying land owner, to use your land for greater purposes and profitability. Check with your local airport to see if they have installed a Watts Antenna Company Advanced ILS Antenna, and if not…ask them why not? Check also with local government officials about how to free up your land for further development. After all, why should your property remain underdeveloped just because someone else has not developed theirs effectively.

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