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End-Fire Glide Slope Manufacturer Certified Professionals

Watts Antenna Company’s



The following Individuals are Manufacturer Certified for WATTS ANTENNA COMPANY End-Fire Glide Slope (EFGS) Products at the INSTALLER / MAINTAINER Level …
  1. Aaen, Ingar – AviNeering
  2. Acosta, Alvaro Andres Peña – EntelCom
  3. Cagle, Mark A. – Thales Air Traffic Management
  4. Cepede, Edwar Giovani – Aerocivil
  5. Chehade, Adel – Technav Support Inc.
  6. Demule, Herve – SkyGuide
  7. Emilliani, Pedro Ramon – Airavata
  8. Hiles, Douglas – Selex ES Inc.
  9. McIntyre, Joseph – Selex ES Inc.
  10. Muñoz, Horacio – Airavata
  11. Orozco, Fermin David Niño – EntelCom
  12. Ortiz, Oscar F. Pico – EntelCom
  13. Pope, Gary – Independent Contractor
  14. Prada, Javie Vargas – Aerocivil
  15. Rahme, Alain Ramez – ACS International
  16. Ricaurte, Andrea – EntelCom
  17. Schroeder, Steve – Thales Air Traffic Management
The following individuals, in addition to being Manufacturer Certified at the INSTALLER / MAINTAINER Level, have an ADVANCED Certification for WATTS ANTENNA COMPANY EFGS Products at the OPTIMIZER / INSTRUCTOR Level …
  1. Aaen, Ingar – AviNeering
  2. Cagle, Mark A. – Thales Air Traffic Management
  3. Demule, Herve – SkyGuide
  4. Pope, Gary – Independent Contractor

NOTE: If you were previously certified or re-certified by the WATTS ANTENNA COMPANY and do not see your name listed, please contact us to determine your current certification eligibility.