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Meet Watts Antenna Company’s Leadership Team

Watts Antenna Company Executives & Senior Management

Watts Antenna Company’s Executives & Senior Management Staff from left to right: Bill Johnson (Vice President/Business Administrator), Bob Johnson (Marketing Director), John Johnson Sr. (Company President) and Kevin Johnson (Senior Engineer)

Watts Antenna Company’s Management Staff

Watts Antenna Company Executives, Senior Management Staff & Management Team

Watts Antenna Company’s Executives, Senior Management and Management Team members from left to right are Kadi Merbouth (Production Specialist/Technician), Bob Johnson (Marketing Director), John Johnson Sr. (Company President), Bill Johnson (Vice President/Business Administrator), Kevin Johnson (Senior Engineer), John Johnson Jr. (Production Specialist), and Kaitlyn Johnson (Administrative Assistant)

Recent Additions 

Watts Antenna Company welcomes Robert A. Johnson (Bob) as their Marketing/Sales Director.  Questions regarding product benefits and capabilities can be addressed to him or any one of our Executive and Senior Management Team.  Bob can be reached at