World Leader in Advanced ILS Antennas

Company Mission

“World Leader in Advanced Instrument Landing System (ILS) Antennas”

Watts Antenna Company manufactures antennas that are ground-based aviation aids which perform to enhance safety and operations for the flying public. The Company’s products are designed to solve the problems at the most difficult airport sites with the objective of providing precision guidance for landing aircraft and, therefore, allowing for more efficient ground movement.

Developing and Delivering Advanced Products Throughout 25 Years of Providing The Tough Site Solution

The Company is guided by dedicated professionals who apply a hands-on approach to the evaluation of sites and issues, using their extensive experience and technical know-how to develop site-specific solutions to the airport’s problems.

Principals of the firm are intrinsically involved in every aspect of the design, development, testing and manufacturing of all products. Watts values the close working relationships with customers to establish a complete understanding of the site issues and their solutions. Watts is committed to providing the highest-quality products and support for cost-effective applications to its customers and delivering …the tough site solution.

Over its history, Watts has delivered over 50 end-fire glide slope antenna systems to customers around the world. Systems are installed in the United States, Venezuela, Brazil, Norway, Switzerland, South Korea, and India. At a price of 20 – 30% of cost, airports in these countries have achieved Category I ILS while avoiding significant expenditures up to $ 1-million or more per site that otherwise would have been expended for site preparation for alternative systems.

  • Delivered 65% of the total number of end-fire systems in its history
  • Provided six systems for the first time at U.S. Navy and Air Force installations
  • Completed an FAA production contract of 8 systems, updated technical data package and instruction books
  • Instituted formal on-site technical services to support system installations, tune-up, and flight inspection
  • Began formal factory-certified training programs as well as on-site customer training for engineering and maintenance personnel
  • Completed Product Improvement Program to enhance system performance and simplify system installation and maintenance
  • Accelerated R & D of the Watts Model 201 Localizer, the Model 107 Upslope End-fire Glide Slope, and the Model GP-5A1 Directive ILS Antenna
  • Increased its international visibility through technical presentations, exhibits, and participation at the conferences of the Institute of Navigation, Air Traffic Control Association, German Institute of Navigation, and International Flight Inspection Symposia
  • Established headquarters in Herndon, VA, where it expanded manufacturing, testing, R & D, and training facilities