Manufacturer’s Certification / Recertification Course:

The Watts Antenna Company Manufacturer’s End-fire Certification / Recertification Course will be held next month, November 13 thru 17 2017.  There are several seats still available on a first come first served basis.  This five (5) day certification / recertification course for End-fire Glide Slope Antenna Systems leads to our manufacturer’s certification of the individual and their organization for installation, optimization and training required to maintain the factory warranty on our products. 


              We recommend this course for ILS Engineers, Aviation Consultants, Technical Support Personnel, Flight Inspection Personnel, Maintenance Personnel, Installation Specialists, Training Managers and Instructors alike.


              Recertification is required as a refresher course for holders of Watts Antenna Company Manufacturer’s Certification who received their certification prior to January 1st, 2015.  Several new developments such as frangibility enhancements to our products and the Frangible Point Lowering Kit for refurbishment of previously installed Model 105 and Model 106 End-fire Glide Slope Antenna Systems (FPLK-105 & 106) will be discussed.  Watts Antenna Company will also discuss our new product coming on-line, the GP5/7-A1.

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