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Manufacturer’s Certification / Re-certification Course




We recommend this course for ILS Engineers, Aviation Consultants, Technical Support Personnel, Flight Inspection Personnel, Maintenance Personnel, Installation Specialists, Training Managers and Instructors alike.


Watts Antenna Company Manufacturer’s End-Fire Certification is required to preserve the manufacturer’s system warranty.  The seven (7) day course ensures and certifies that an individual knows how to install and tune up our system.  We feel that this will save everyone time and money during the installation, tune up, commissioning, and maintenance of our system.  


Re-certification is required as a refresher course for holders of Watts Antenna Company Manufacturer’s Certification who received their certification prior to January 1st, 2015.  Several new developments such as frangibility enhancements to our products and the Frangible Point Lowering Kit for refurbishment of previously installed Model 105 and Model 106 End-Fire Glide Slope Antenna Systems (FPLK-105 & 106) will be discussed.  Watts Antenna Company will also discuss our new ILS Image Glide Slope family of GP series antennas coming on-line, featuring the GP5-A1 and the GP7.


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For a list of WATTS Antenna Company Certified Individuals, click HERE.


Our next “Manufacturer’s Certification” course will be held May 15, 2019 through May 22, 2019.  Visit our certification page for more information.  Download a registration form or Register Online Now!  NOTE:  This is now a seven day course which begins on Wednesday, May 15th, having Sunday off and finishing the course with testing the following Wednesday, May, 22nd (a total of 8 days required) to cover the material in more detail.  Check your calendars!

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