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Watts Antenna Company President Presents Evidence At the 64th ATCA Annual Conference & Exposition Showing US Airports Falling Behind In Advanced Instrument Landing Systems (ILS)

Tuesday October 22, 2019 – Evidence was given by company president John H. Johnson Sr. showing that under current and previous FAA leadership and direction, with the exception of our new FAA Director, Steve Dickson, the United States is rapidly moving to the “back of the pack” on Advanced Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) when compared to the rest of the world.  He noted that U.S. Airport efficiency has been, and currently is, suffering due the FAA’s 30 + year attempt to replace the ILS with more “advanced” technology while pulling the rug out from under ILS support and funding.  It was pointed out that although a U.S. manufacturer (Watts Antenna Company) produced the world’s widest aperture ILS localizer, commissioned Category III in 2006 in Geneva, Switzerland, the FAA is adamant not to invest in advanced ILS antennas despite the substantial improvements to airport capacity.  

Mr. Johnson brought up that though the U.S. military employs remote flight inspection capable ILS’s, this concept is not supported by FAA to avoid investment in ILS.  Meanwhile, the rest of the world moves on to develop advanced ILS technology.  He presented proof that as early as 2015, Airports worldwide began to install advanced ILS antennas superior to any in the U.S.  

Reports indicate a 10 to 20 percent increase in operations during IFR conditions, substantial development opportunities previous thought not possible, and an increase in safety from the advanced ILS antennas.  Click here to view the original presentation.

“Critical Approach”

October 13, 2019 – An article featuring Watts Antenna Company written by Dave Hughes entitled “Critical Approach” for issue 3 2019 of the UK’s Air Traffic Management publication comes off the press in time for the 64th ATCA Annual Conference and Exposition in Washington DC.

The article describes issues related to ILS Critical Areas and the benefits of Watts Antenna Company’s wide aperture Advanced ILS Antennas in mitigating those issues to increase capacity and operational safety. Read the article here or click on the title above.

Dave Hughes also authored an additional article in the same issue in which he quotes Watts company President John H. Johnson and describes the benefits and specs, particularly of our model 201 super-wide aperture ILS Localiser Antenna commissioned in Geneva Switzerland since 2005.

From his research Mr. Hughes reports in his article “Making the Case” that rumors of the demise of ILS are much exaggerated.

Full Time Marketing Director Acquired

Monday, May 26, 2018  –  Robert A.Johnson has joined the staff of Watts Antenna Company as Marketing Director.  He has over 35 years of small business marketing, sales and management experience and will be responsible to oversee the development of domestic and international marketing campaigns as well as and to consult with industry professionals and stakeholders about the benefits of Advanced ILS Antennas.

Mr. Johnson can be reached by phone at 1.740.856.5271 or by email at

Company Relocated Manufacturing Facilities to Ohio

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 – Watts Antenna Company has moved its Manufacturing Facility to Ohio. This will allow the Watts Antenna Company to serve its customers around the world well into the foreseeable future.

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