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Model 105 Frangible End-fire Glide Slope Antenna System

Model 105 Frangible End-fire Glide Slope Antenna System

The antenna system is constructed with frangible fiberglass supports and meets all FAA and ICAO specifications for frangibility. The antenna system can be located with its closest point at 25 feet from the runway edge and has a smaller critical area than conventional image systems which enhances airport capacity and construction opportunities.  This antenna has a minimum runway shoulder requirement for installation.  Commercial equivalent to FAA Type FA-10029, (TI 6750.196).  Meets performance requirements of FAA-E-2714/a and provides a Category I (CAT I) or Category II (CAT II) approach with reduced azimuth coverage.  Antenna mounting hardware is Type 304 stainless steel.  Includes interface unit with autophaser assembly and factory test data.  Station transmitting and monitor equipment, dehydrator, buried air dielectric cables, and connectors not included.



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