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On Time Departures & Non-Eventful Approaches Can Make Your Job More Satisfying!

Just look at the benefits our Advanced ILS Antennas afford Flight Attendants: fewer taxiing delays, shorter delay duration, increased numbers of on time departures, increased numbers of on time arrivals, increased operational safety, smoother airport approaches, smoother landings, more satisfied air travelers, more time to rest between shifts…

Flight Attendants are often forgotten when discussing important matters affecting aviation but they have as much at stake as any other stakeholders as daily they are required to serve as hosts, instructors, comforters and have a myriad of other important duties. They are the face of the industry. They are customer service representatives that spend the most time and therefore have the most influence with the flying public making their flight a positive experience despite fears, delays and difficulties that may arise. They are the ones who make the skies “friendly” and therefore their service is of great significance to the industry.

While everyone else is safely in their seats, flight attendants frequently have to move about the aircraft accomplishing tasks that can place them in harms way as they attend to the requests and safety of passengers before consideration of their own. They are on their feet during a large portion of the flight and are required to be just as amiable at the end of the flight as at the beginning regardless of the certain challenges they faced throughout the trip attending to everyone and helping to retain passengers as future patrons. These are enormous responsibilities!


Lets face it, the longer we are stuck at the gate or on the taxiway the more anxious we tend to get. This can lead to all sorts of unpleasantries which the flight attendants must attempt to mitigate. Along with increased frequency and duration of flight delays comes greater challenges for Flight Attendants and all stakeholders and no one comes out unaffected. It doesn’t have to happen with such great frequency yet those who can do something about it have a mindset that prevents them from recognizing the solution. Let me briefly explain.

The easiest way to explain it is to say that high traffic airports require high capacity landing systems to avoid delays. Sounds simple? It really is! Yet, most airports still use standard capacity Instrument Landing System (ILS) Antennas that require aircraft to be delayed until approaching aircraft land. If a home owner’s water heater can no longer keep up with the increasing amount of hot water required for their growing family then it is time to get a higher capacity water heater. Failure to replace their water heater with a higher capacity one will eventually result in delays getting to work, school, appointments, etc. The same holds true amount of an airports landing system.

Many airports have operated for years without addressing their landing system capacity issues, having been promised that a superior system to ILS is on the way. After decades of deferred improvements they know now that modern satellite based solutions that they have been waiting upon are vulnerable to denial of service outages that make them unreliable and therefore unsafe for landing aircraft. We have a solution that re-establishes safety as the highest priority AND increases airport capacity!

Watts Antenna Company manufactures high performance advanced ILS Antenna systems that can be utilized to increase airport capacity, efficiency and operational safety. Our antennas will increase profits for airports and airlines and should also allow for greater financial opportunities Flight Attendants. Simply put, our Advanced ILS Antennas will make your jobs less exhausting.

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